Withdrawal of FIA Homologation

23rd August 2023

The FIA have recently issued a statement withdrawing the homologation of the following overalls:

Manufacturer: PM Sports
Model: Speed Race Wear
Homologation no. CIK-FIA/038

This affects a small proportion of our customers.

Through Motorsport UK, we have tried to find out from the FIA the reasons behind this decision, but to this date we have not yet received any such information. However, this morning we were notified by Motorsport UK that they will no longer be compliant for MSUK events.

This may not affect IKR competitors. We recommend that you check with your championship coordinator.

For a short period, Delta Racewear was a reseller for the owner of the above mentioned homologation, and each suit was complaint with the FIA's regulations at the time of sale. All suits came with the required FIA Homologation hologram as well as other labels and markings to verify their authenticity. However, the FIA has the right to revoke and amend any FIA licenses or regulations at any time without notice.

For example, the FIA had recently introduced a more stringent standard/homologation for kart suits (FIA 8877-2022), which also includes gloves and boots. However, only 1 suit manufacturer has passed this new standard so far. Despite this, the expiry date for all existing suit homologations has been brought forward to December 2024.

It should be noted that we are now using our previous manufacturer (under a new homologation obtained in December 2022 which is unaffected by this), and have been from the start of 2023.

As a gesture of good will to affected customers we are offering ONE of the following options:
* A £75 discount (pre VAT) on a suit bought from KKC (The suit cannot be bought directly from KKC * - any orders need to be bought through us)
* A £150 discount on a replacement custom CIK Level 2 suit (see pricing and options below)
* A replacement Delta Racewear off-the-shelf CIK Level 2 suit

[* Subject to availability, and to give customers an immediate option to remain compliant]

Prices (after £150 discount) for new custom kart suits (CIK Level 2) are as follows:
* Cut & Sew suit with embroidered logos: £290 [RRP £440]
* Sublimated suit: £345 [RRP £495]
* Sublimated suit with embroidered logos: £380 [RRP £530]

Prices listed above are subject to VAT for age 15 and over.

The custom suits can be a different size and design to the original suit.

Turnaround times are approximately 4 weeks for an embroidered suit, and 6 weeks for a sublimated suit.

Delta off-the-shelf suits can be usually sent out within a 1-3 weeks, depending on availability.

NOTE: To claim this offer, we will need you to send back your existing suit.
Please also send photos of both the unique homologation hologram on the inside of the zip, and the homologation mark on the back of the neck.