Regarding your CIK-FIA Homologated Racesuit

Thank you for choosing Delta Racewear for your kart racesuit.

In order to preserve the quality of your clothing we strongly recommend you that read these instructions carefully.

Our karting racesuits are constructed using materials in accordance with the CIK-FIA 2013 Level 2 homologation standard.

The prolonged exposure to sunlight or improper washing methods could alter the technical characteristics of resistance, the reason for which we strongly recommend to properly follow the instructions on the label.


Delta Racewear cannot be responsible for damage caused to a racesuit due to wear against seat bolts.  We recommend seat bolts should always be covered by padding or at the very least duct tape. 

While kart racesuits are made to be abrasion-resistant to help protect the wearer in the event of an accident, they are not indestructible. When you have a solid object (e.g. the solid carbon or fibreglass sheet of a rib protector) vibrating and rubbing against a seat bolt fixing with a layer of material (your racesuit) sandwiched in between, this will inevitably cause damage to the racesuit, even more so if the bolts are not flush to the seat, have any kind of rough protruding edge,or there is any movement due to the bolts being loose. You only have to look at how the outer fabrics of rib protectors (such as the Tillett P1) wear to see that it's an impossible task for any fabric to withstand.

We strongly recommend always covering seat bolts - either with padding or, at the very least with some duct tape, to help protect the fabric. Duct tape used in this way should also give you an early warning of any issues with the bolts.


  • Follow cleaning instructions on suit label.
  • Clean with zips and velcro fastened.
  • Do not use aggressive products (ie bleach, oxygen active products) that may dam­age the fabrics, components, embroidery and printed applications.
  • Do not tumble dry.

Please read the following important WARNING and LIMITATION of use notice carefully before using this garment.

Auto Racing is an inherently dangerous activity, which may result in severe personal injury including death. This racesuit meets CIK-FIA homologation standards. Failure to wear this garment in accordance with CIK-FIA directives and in conjunction with all other CIK-FIA recommended protective clothing will decrease its protective capacities.

Neither this garment, nor any other, can provide complete protection from the dangers associated with racing. Other than that it complies with CIK-FIA homologation standards. Macroweb Ltd t/a Delta Racewear makes no guarantees or representations, express or implied regarding the fitness of this garment for any particular purpose nor the extent to which the garment will protect individuals or property from injury or death or damage.

IMPORTANT: It is the responsibility of the user to wear karting apparel properly and to correctly select, fit, use, maintain and replace when necessary. Karting apparel that is improperly worn, unsuitable, poorly fitted, damaged, deformed, worn or weathered must not be used as this may increase the risk of injury and/or/death. MACROWEB LTD T/A DELTA RACEWEAR DISCLAIMS ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR INJURIES INCURRED WHILE WEARING ANY OF IT’S PRODUCTS.


For further information about this and other products please contact Delta Racewear customer service.