RRS EVO Racer FIA Racesuit

RRS EVO Racer FIA Racesuit

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RRS EVO Racer FIA Racesuit

FIA 8856-2018 race suit offers incredible comfort with its 3x 100% Nomex layers and its low fiber density. (only 250g/m²)

The only FIA 8856-2018 compliant race suit to offer high quality for a cheap price, still unrivaled.

Usually, similar prices race suits are made with ignifuzed cotton material and only one Nomex layer.

As a result, they are not light and nice to wear as RRS FIA 3x Nomex layers racing suits.

  • Modern and dynamic design
  • Maximum heat and flames protection
  • Customization option
  • Better comfort with invisible internal pockets.


  • 3 high quality 100% Nomex layers
  • In compliance with FIA 8856-2018
  • Fiber density : 250g/m²
  • Super light-weight : Only 1.4kg. (more comfort, less heat)

Nomex is the name of protective solutions made with aramid fibers, extremely resistant to heat and flames, created and developped by DuPont.

This highly elevated protection level make part of fibers molecular structures. It doesn't come from a chemical treatment.

Consequently, Nomex heat and flames resistance is permanent, and suit saves its protective properties for years and years.

For more informations regarding DuPont Nomex materials, click here.

RRS provides you a 100% NOMEX 3 layers ultra light race suit for a super low price!

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